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Pasta Wiz Guarantee

We only serve food that's...


We make our pasta daily, so everything you eat is fresh and artisanal.


We're committed to serving healthy, delicious fare in the same amount of time as your average fast food restaurant.


Our organic ingredients are sourced from local farms in New York State.


A little but of magic...

Pasta Wiz Express is NYC's first-ever organic, non-GMO pasta restaurant, with the speed of your favorite fast food joint. We bring our love of fresh, healthy ingredients to every dish in the menu. If you love the Williamsburg location at 60 North 1st (or you've never had the chance to try it), stop in for a dish and find out what the buzz is all about!


No GMO's

We never use genetically modified ingredients.

No Antibiotics

We never use ingredients from animals that have been fed antibiotics.

No Added Hormones

We never use ingredients that contain added hormones.

No Pesticides

Our organic produce comes from pesticide-free local crops.

No Toxic Chemicals

We never use ingredients that contain harmful toxic chemicals.

The Pasta Wiz Promise:

Enjoy organic, fresh dishes at the speed of your favorite fast food restaurant.

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Happy Customers

Pasta Wiz & Pasta Wiz Express Reviews
We came from Suffolk County to check out this restaurant. It was well worth it. The food was delicious, the staff was friendly and professional. The ambiance is magical.
Lori M.

Lori M.

This place is magic if at the very minimum JUST because of the shirataki noodle alone. I've tried forever to find a low/no calorie pasta that actually hits the spot and Pasta Wiz delivered. Plus the food came quickly and there are great healthy drink options.
Nicole P.

Nicole P.

I was impressed by the decor and atmosphere of the restaurant. The food was cooked to order and tasted amazing! So glad I stopped by and would visit again.
John P.

John P.

Great food and decor. Dragon blood smoothie was delicious and the pasta is great and made right in front of you as you order. Definitely going to be a repeat customer.
Nina D.

Nina D.


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